This project treats on the environmental problems that is suffering the island of Borneo, especially the Indonesian part which known as Kalimantan.

It is the third biggest island in the world and is being felled to a speed of 4000 soccer fields a day.

The island experienced during their 80s and 90s a deep transformation. His forests were knocked down to a speed without precedent in the human history and ended in industrialized countries, as Japan or The United States, in the shape of furniture for the garden, flesh of paper or toothpicks.

Nowadays the forests of Borneo are only a shade of what it has been some time, which still stay are threatened by the new market of biocombustibles, especially the palm oil. To this it adds the mining developments as the coal, the diamonds and the gold that important, devastating effects leave in the area and in the local populations due to the use of highly pollutant chemists in his processes of extraction. 

To all this problems is added by the major one of the problems, the corruption.Everything extracted from the lands happens to be a property of the Indonesian government, who takes charge, giving permits to international companies to produce in the zone his broad ones exploiting it and taking all the benefits to him to his countries.

There are just a few of native communities who resist that they finish with his lands. Unfortunately, the great majority, are "bought" by the big companies in exchange for a simple plasma, a motorcycle, or a house of brass at best.

Pictures by Javier Luengo and Marina Calahorra